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Audition Etiquette

  1. Smile and have fun!
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Practice your introduction!
  4. Thank the people in the room before you leave!
  5. Be careful how you act in the waiting room. You never know who’s listening.
  6. Time yourself and your audition, including your slate time.
  7. Choose audition pieces that are age appropriate.
  8. Try to choose material that isn’t overdone. Try to avoid repeating material that other actors may use.
  9. Do NOT mime actions or use props during your audition.
  10. Try your best to keep your audition to the defined audition space.
  11. One thing that’s frequently argued is whether or not to make eye contact with the casting team during your audition. This is something that, ultimately, will be up to you. Some directors feel a dis-connect if they’re ignored by actors, but others can feel like they’re being stared down if caught in eye contact for too long.
  12. Don’t choreograph your monologue or song.
  13. Avoid storytelling in your monologue.