Box Office: 512-869-SHOW (7469) Hours Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm 

Thank you to all who came to audition for us last night! Based on those auditions, we need to see the actors below at 7pm on the SPRINGER stage. We aren’t calling back for specific roles so please read through and prepare all of the sides. 

If you need sides printed, please email productions – – otherwise we assume you will print and bring your own. 

If you have an issue with the time called or are running late, please also email productions. 

Please note – the costume designer for the production will be taking measurements during callbacks – This does not imply that you are cast, it is just a short cut for the designer to start as soon as the production is cast. 

Thank you and see you tonight! 

Funny Little Thing Called Love Sides
Bryelle Swift
Christina Little-Manley
Erik Powers
Jerry Brown
Joe Moe
Kim Rubin
Lisa Shelton
Mikayla Hinds
Mike Ragan
Nikki Bora
Rex Stanfield
Rhett Braniff
Sandy Damato
Suzanne Orzech