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DiSAstEr! Character Descriptions

Note on Age Ranges: Age ranges listed are approximate. The actors who are cast should be able to play these ages; not necessarily be these ages. 

Chad – (male presenting) – age range 25-35 – A handsome and winning man. Pretends to be a player, but is really still heartbroken over the loss of his first love. Tenor with a great rock and pop voice [vocal range top: B4].

Scott – (male presenting) – age range 25-35 – Goofy guy. A nerd who wants to be cool. Tenor with a sweet voice [vocal range top: Bb4].

Ted – (male presenting) – age range 40-50 – A disaster expert. Non-emotional. Dry. A serious, professorial type [vocal range top: G4].

Marianne – (female presenting) – age range 25-35 – An attractive and focused journalist. Insecure underneath it all. Great high pop belt [vocal range top: F#5].

Tony – (male presenting) – age range 35-50 – A very unscrupulous but attractive and (sometimes) charming middle-aged man.  A schemer [vocal range top: Ab4].

Jackie – (female presenting) – age range 32-42 – An aging but still sexy showgirl and now lounge singer. Dumb but honest. Goldie Hawn-esque [vocal range top: D5].

Ben / Lisa – (any gender) – age range 13-16 but able to play an 11 year old – Usually played by a young boy with an unchanged voice. Smart boy and girl twins played by the same actor. Honest and direct. Jackie’s son and daughter. Amazing pop voice. Belt to a high D. A young Michael Jackson/Andrea McArdle [vocal range top: D5].

Sister Mary Downey – (female presenting) – age range 30-50 – Awkward, judgmental nun with a gambling addiction. Great high pop belt [vocal range top: B5].

Shirley – (female presenting) – age range 50-65 – lovable and jolly Jewish woman.  Maury’s wife. Tap dancing is a plus. Great comedic actress [vocal range top: B4].

Maury – (male presenting) – age range 50-65 – Lovable and jolly. Shirley’s dedicated husband [vocal range top: G4]. 

Levora Verona – (female presenting) – age range 30-50 – A flamboyant and glamorous faded disco diva. Pushy and sassy but in love with her sweet dog. Great pop belt [vocal range top: A5].

Ensemble Men – Able to play various glamorous party guests/character roles. Great comedic chops, good dance ability and great voices needed.

Ensemble Women – Able to play various glamorous party guests/character roles. Great comedic chops, wide range of vocal/dance skills.