General Audiences

All content in this production is suitable for the entire family. The equivalent of a G movie rating.
Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz
Mild Profanity

This production contains some mild profanity, no worse than might appear on prime time television.
My Fair Lady, EVITA

Production contains some use of profanity that could be equivalent to a PG movie.
The Wedding Singer, The Producers, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Extreme Profanity

Production contains frequent, extreme profanity, equivalent to what might be heard in a PG-13 or R-rated movie.
Spring Awakening, RENT

Production may contain violent imagery unsuitable for the very young.
Oklahoma, Jesus Christ Superstar
Graphic Violence

Production may contain disturbing violent imagery, including scenes of blood, violent death, etc.
Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Partial Nudity

Some minor nudity may occur in the production, such as bare backs or revealing lingerie.
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, A Little Night Music
Adult Themes

Beyond specific profanity, nudity, or violence, some dramatic themes are inappropriate for most children (i.e. heavy drug use, intense situations). This content descriptor indicates presence of these adult themes.
RENT, Extremities
Sexual Content

Production may contain sexual content or sexually slanted humor that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13.
Cabaret, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, A Little Night Music, The Producers
Trigger Warning

Those who have suffered a traumatic event can have severe psychological reactions to reenactments similar to that traumatic event. This production may contain intense imagery (such as scenes of rape or violent war) that could trigger such a reaction. We cannot anticipate all traumatic events and triggers, so please contact us for more details if you think something like this may be a concern.
Man of La Mancha, Extremities